Can your natal chart predict your death?

Can your natal chart predict your death?

While astrology cannot predict your precise death, some astrological factors, such as the signs that occur often in your birth chart, might give you an indication of how and when you will die. A birth chart is the map of a person's solar system at the time of their birth. The positions of the planets at birth can influence many aspects of a person's life, including but not limited to health, career, relationships, and even death.

The reason that your natal chart could be used to predict your death is that every planet has an effect on human health. If one or more planets are located in harmful positions with respect to your natal chart, this could potentially bring about physical problems. For example, if Mercury is located in toxic environments where it is exposed to electromagnetic radiation, this could lead to mental illness due to chemical changes in the brain. However, despite these types of risks, there are ways in which you can improve your chances of survival. For example, if Mars is located in aggressive areas of your chart, this could mean that you will likely fight for your life against someone who tries to harm you. Even though this might sound like it would be dangerous, this type of situation can sometimes lead to meeting people who share your interests and passions, thereby creating opportunities for success.

Can astrologers predict death?

Although astrology cannot correctly forecast death as an event, there are some seasons in life known as "crisis periods" when events are more likely to occur. During a crisis, an individual's character is often tested and must be met with courage. The person facing the crisis needs to make important decisions quickly because alternatives are limited. Astrologers say these times are not good for someone with a lot of earth in their chart who wants stability in their life; instead, they should be taking steps to move toward something new.

The idea of death being part of a horoscope prediction has been popularized by certain companies that sell birth charts. These charts use information about your exact time of birth and position of the planets at that moment to estimate various details about your life. Some people believe that knowing about imminent death early in life will cause them to change something about their behavior or prepare themselves mentally. This is not true; understanding one's fate does not change it.

Astrologers do not read stars to predict death. They look at a large number of specific facts about an individual's life in order to make general predictions about what will happen to them. Death is one of those things that cannot be predicted; it can only be described in general terms.

Can your birthday predict your future?

Needless to add, such forecasts have long been refuted by scientific investigations. The particular predictions of horoscopes may be incorrect, but there is a grain of truth; scientists have just discovered that the month of your birth may truly predict your fate.

Your birthday can reveal many things about you and the world around you. If you were born in January, you will probably be at home watching movies or listening to music. In February, you might be found working in a law office. March babies are said to be loyal friends who cannot bear to see another suffer. April babies are often considered creative people who know what they want and how to get it. May babies are usually loving and caring individuals who find work fulfilling. June babies are known for their courage. July babies are usually smart and witty individuals who understand others better than themselves. August babies are usually successful in whatever they attempt. September babies are usually happy people who enjoy life's little pleasures. October babies are usually hardworking individuals who respect authority. November babies are usually married with children by the time they turn 30. December babies are usually good parents who provide for their families well.

Your birthday can also reveal certain events in someone else's life. If you were born in January, you would have seen Taylor Swift become one of the most popular singers in America.

Is it possible to know how you will die?

This is not a ruse. If you are genuinely prepared to know the future, simply answer these questions, and everything will be revealed. We all worry how we will die, yet few can predict the future. A world-renowned astrologer has just produced this quiz to predict your fate. It's called "How I'll Die". Check out his website at

The best way to find out how you will die is to ask someone who knows your birth chart. The second best way is to look at some high-quality predictive charts from reputable sources. Here are three places where you can find out what your stars have in store for you:

1. David Meade's books on astrology include chapters on personal destiny. His latest book is called "Your Life Path". Go to for more information.

2. American Astrological Society; contact them at [email protected] or visit their website at

3. Zodiac Systems; call them at 1-919-782-0900 or go to

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