Can you have a dream about a girl you have never seen?

Can you have a dream about a girl you have never seen?

Personally, I've had a variety of dreams, including one about an unknown woman I'd never met in real life but intended to marry nonetheless, and another about another girl I loved in my dreams but never met. They were both beautiful. And if I think about it properly, I might be able to add ten more to the same wish-list. But then again, maybe not: some people say we can only have a limited number of dreams at any given time.

The fact is that we all have these dreams because they are a part of what it means to be human. We see images of people in our minds that don't exist but influence us anyway because we want them to, we imagine what would happen if this person decided not to go through with a plan or act against their interests, and so forth. These dreams are there to help us understand ourselves and our desires. They are also evidence that we are not alone in this world; others have been here before us and will continue to do so after we die.

We all have different types of dreams. Some people may have nightmares, while others may have very vivid dreams that seem almost real until the next morning when they remember nothing of what happened during their sleep. Still other people may have dreams about things that haven't happened yet, or perhaps about future events that will affect them. This last type of dream is known as precognitive dreaming and is very common among those who practice lucid dreaming, or conscious dreaming.

Why do I dream about a girl I've never met?

Some individuals believe that dreaming about a female you don't know signifies you'll meet and be soulmates one day. This is quite unlikely. Dreams are created by your subconscious mind from your ideas, memories, and desires. If you've ever seen something in real life, that picture may appear in your dream. If you think about someone special or experience something exciting then you will likely see or do things in your dreams that relate to this idea or event.

So basically, if you dream about a girl you've never met before then this means you're going to meet someone new someday. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon enough.

Also, remember that you can always tell how you're doing by looking at your shoes...if you're any kind of geek, sports fan, or music lover then you know what I'm talking about!

Here are some other reasons why you might be dreaming about a girl you've never met before:

1. You have feelings for her.

2. She's in trouble and needs help.

3. You want to protect her.

4. You both work together.

5. You expect to get married one day.

6. You hope to have children together.

What happens if you see someone unfamiliar in your dreams?

It's all too tempting to think that the person you see in your dreams is genuine. If you fantasize about falling in love with someone you've never met, it's doubtful you'll ever meet them in real life. They are, instead, a person picked by your mind to symbolize a sensation, scenario, person, or something else. Dreams are very flexible and can present us with an unlimited number of possibilities.

The fact is that you are more likely to run into a friend you haven't seen in a while than someone new. The only reason we dream about people who aren't familiar to us is because they trigger feelings inside ourselves that we need to address through our unconscious minds. For example, if you have a problem with addiction and someone provides you with drugs, then you will continue to dream about them even after they are gone from your life. This shows that you still have issues regarding drug use and must find a way to overcome them.

People appear in your dreams for many reasons. Some come to give you advice, others to punish you, and some simply to let you know that they're around if you need them. However, no matter what their purpose may be, they cannot physically harm you. Instead, they help you by letting you know how you feel about something or indicate that you need to change something about your lifestyle. In other words, they serve as a guide.

As long as you stay asleep, these guides will keep on coming.

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