Can you get married during Mercury retrograde?

Can you get married during Mercury retrograde?

Another reason Lanyadoo advises against going to the altar this year is because signing contracts during a Mercury retrograde is deemed undesirable. "Unfortunately, it's not a good year for marriages," Lanyadoo says. "There are problems with contracts and agreements. It would be better if they were written later."

Marriage counseling is also recommended so people can work through any issues that may arise from the mercury retrograde.

Finally, Lanyadoo says it's best to avoid marriage vows during a Mercury retrograde because things will seem even more uncertain afterward.

In conclusion, yes you can get married during a Mercury retrograde but it's not a good idea. There will be problems with contracts and agreements so it's best to wait until after the mercury retrograde has passed.

What should you not do during the retrograde of 2021?

An extensive list of things not to do when Mercury is in retrograde.

  • Hold off on signing any contracts. Making a big purchase?
  • Be prepared for traffic and other travel mishaps.
  • Avoid situations primed for misunderstandings.
  • Don’t rely on technology.
  • Delete that “U Up?” text from a toxic ex.
  • Refrain from starting anything new.

Is it bad to buy a car during the Mercury retrograde?

So when it turns retrograde, some people suffer full confusion and feel as if they can't think straight. In summary, it's fine to buy a car during Mercury Retrograde, but make sure you read the deal before signing. It may not be what it seems.

Should you break up with someone during Mercury retrograde?

Mercury retrograde tends to bring up old difficulties, so you and your spouse may find themselves bickering or repeating previous concerns. That isn't to imply that retrograde will trigger an impending breakup, but it is cause for alarm because couples do break up unexpectedly at this period. 29 degrees Taurus opposes Venus in retrograde today, so if you have been having problems communicating your feelings clearly, then the stress of mercury retrograding may be responsible.

Retrograde Mercury can also affect how you handle money matters. If you are worried about your partner getting angry when they find out you've been spending their cash, then prepare for some serious rifts between you. During this time, both planets Uranus and Saturn remain in retrograde, so any issues regarding finances may not be resolved quickly.

If you are thinking about breaking up with your spouse, wait until after Mercury goes direct on March 20th. There is no need to get into a heated argument every time you see each other during these next few weeks. Talk things over calmly at a later date.

Do you have to travel during Mercury Retrograde?

Here are some general regulations and guidelines for travelers who are traveling during Mercury retrograde. 1. Avoid arranging anything new during a Mercury retrograde, unless it's an old business that has to be completed, in which case it's ideal. If you must travel or arrange travel during a retrograde, the "re" prefix is essential. So, don't schedule a trip during a retrograde period of Mercury. 2. Don't make any important decisions via email or social media while Mercury is retrograding. Wait until it passes over the point of interest before making your decision.

Mercury retrogrades can cause problems for travelers, especially if you're planning a long trip. During these periods, communication issues are likely to arise with friends or family back home, so make sure you keep yourself updated on what's happening.

If you're looking to book an upcoming trip, then consider waiting until after the next Mercury retrograde to avoid any issues that may arise due to this cosmic phenomenon.

Should I make an offer on a house during Mercury Retrograde?

"Make certain you're not purchasing in a frenzy and that this is the correct property for you," she advises. Slowing down and contemplating everything about a property before making an offer might result in some tremendous insight. "Mercury Retrograde may be a useful discomfort," Jessica explains. "It can help reveal flaws in the current situation that would otherwise go unnoticed."

With Jupiter in Sagittarius now, there will be a desire to take on more risk and expand your mind. This is the perfect time to consider whether you want to live in an area where there is plenty of opportunity for development or if you prefer something more stable. Any changes to your financial circumstances due to money problems or loss might also be revealed by Mercury Retrograde.

If you do decide to make an offer while Mercury is in retrograde, make sure it is worth your time and effort. There could be issues with the estate agent taking the offer through, the seller refusing to sell at all, or even problems with the contract itself. If any of these situations arise, they should be brought to the attention of the person who is handling the sale so they can be resolved prior to you signing anything.

Overall, Mercury Retrograde is likely to add some confusion to an already busy life. It is important to stay focused on the main issue which is usually something practical such as work or finances.

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