Can we marry in the same rasi?

Can we marry in the same rasi?

People who are in the same Zodiac sign (Moon Sign/Rasi) can marry, but there are a few conditions attached to it. Thus, even if a boy and a girl have the same zodiac sign, they may have different stars or different paths within a star. Their karma will affect their marriage.

For example, a man who is born under the sign of Scorpio married to a woman who is also born under the sign of Scorpio will find this marriage compatible. However, if the man were to marry someone whose birth sign is not Scorpio but rather Sagittarius (another fire sign) this marriage would be incompatible because they are coming from different directions as far as destiny is concerned. Even though they may share the same Moon Sign/Rasi at any given point in time, their path will never cross and so they will be unable to find happiness together.

Nowadays, people tend to look at a person's zodiac sign when planning their wedding. However, unlike previous generations this is not very important since most marriages do not involve signs. Instead, what matters most is whether the two people involved are happy with each other. If they are, then who cares about the signs?

In conclusion, yes you can marry in the same rasi but only if they are from similar backgrounds having same stars or same path within a star. Otherwise, your marriage will not work out.

Do the same Rashi people marry?

People born under the same Zodiac sign (Moon Sign/Rasi) can marry, however there are some restrictions. In Hindu Vedic Astrology, 12 Zodiac houses and 27 stars are taken into account for computations. These factors are combined with the Moon Sign to arrive at a specific marriage type described by different scholars. Some examples are: Raja Yoga - where both the Moon Sign and Rasi are in Gemini, this indicates that the couple will be very friendly with each other but they will not have a deep relationship. Sahaja Yoga - where both the Moon Sign and Rasi are in Cancer, this indicates that the married couple will have a close emotional connection with each other.

In Indian Astrology, the marriage types are described by scholars such as Charaka, Harshavardhanacharya and others. They believe that every individual is matched with another person whose birth signs are similar or dissimilar to his/her own. This matching process is called Prakriti Paadi. The marriage type is determined by analyzing the Moon Sign along with these other factors such as Graha Bhedana (the analysis of planets too). Based on this determination, certain advice is given to the individuals being analyzed. For example, if the Moon Sign is found to be in a beneficial sign such as Aries or Libra, then such a marriage would be considered fortunate.

Can Rakshas Gan and Manushya Gan marry?

Now, let me answer a direct question: The boy/girl is Rakshas Gana, and the girl/boy is Manushya Gana. Can They Get Married? The answer is both yes and no. If their horoscopes align, they can marry regardless of Gana mismatch. Otherwise, they will be at constant risk of being cursed by either party to the marriage. In other words, Their marriage would be rajmard-nirodh (indestructible).

When two people with different Ganas get married, they enter into a contract with many life cycles. At the end of each life cycle, they have the option of breaking their contract and starting over with a new one. If they do not, then they are doomed to repeat the same relationship forever.

Even if they want to stay together, they need to understand that they are only compatible in terms of Ganas. That means they may love each other at first, but eventually they will become enemies because of their nature as Rakshas or Manushya.

They can escape their destiny by doing Parayoga where one becomes the Sattva and the other the Rajas for a few moments. Or they can try and change their Gana to match their husband's or wife's. But it's not easy!

In conclusion, yes, they can get married but it's not easy.

Can a Rakshasa Gana girl marry a Rakshasa Gana boy?

There would be quarrels and unhappiness in relationships if there is a mismatch in Gan, according to legend. Each Gana has the option of marrying the same Gana. Rakshasa males are allowed to marry Deva or Manusha women. Unless there are other mitigating variables in the horoscope, a Manusha or deva guy should not marry a Rakshasa girl. The mismatched couples will have problems in their relationship.

As per Hindu mythology, Rakshasas were demons who used to terrorize earth before being defeated by Lord Vishnu. They are said to have been banished to hell by God but were later freed by Him to defeat evil. Thus, they are considered as pious individuals who fight against evil. However, they are still cursed to roam around as beasts until the end of time. So, it is recommended that Rakshasa girls marry Deva or Manusha guys because as good souls, they could achieve great things together. However, if one of them gets married to a devil, then they would also suffer in future lives.

On the other hand, a Rakshasa boy could marry a Deva or Manusha girl because both of them are gods so there would be no problem between them even though they are from different worlds. But he could never marry a Rakshasa girl because his soul would become black after such an alliance.

In conclusion, it is recommended that Rakshasa boys marry Deva or Manusha girls because they could join hands and defeat evil together.

Can we marry the same Nakshatra?

When a boy and a girl are born in the same nakshatra, it is typically not a favorable time to marry. Marriage can be done if the boy and girl belong to Rohini, Arudra, Makha, Hasta, Vishakha, Srawanam, Uttarabhadra, and Rewati, and there is a difference in Nakshatra pada (Pada bhedam). However, because they were both born in the same nakshatra, they have some common traits that may cause problems in their marriage.

The most significant problem with marrying people who are born in the same nakshatra is that they have a lot of similarities that could lead to conflicts in their marriage. Both boys and girls share many traits, so it is difficult to tell how these two individuals will interact with one another. There is a high probability that they will find themselves in constant disagreement about many things, which would likely cause trouble for their marriage.

Another problem with marrying people who are both born in the same nakshatra is that they tend to have similar interests and hobbies. This could mean that they would want to spend their money on things that they like instead of saving it, which could cause them to run into financial difficulties.

At the end of the day, it is up to each individual to decide what kind of partner they want in their life, and if these two people were born in the same nakshatra, it would not be advisable to get married.

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