Can we cook facing west?

Can we cook facing west?

According to Vastu, "Fire, or 'agni devta,' is related with the Sun, which represents energy and power." As a result, the kitchen should be located in the south-east corner of the home, and cooking should be done with one's back to the east. The West is an additional neutral direction to look while cooking. 2.

However, there is no harm in cooking with faces other than north or south. It all depends on individual preference and habit. 3.

In fact, many ancient cultures around the world used fire as their main source of heat. They never thought of cooking food only from north to south because that would have prevented them from being able to eat fresh ingredients during winter months.

But here in North America, most people believe you should avoid burning food because it goes against natural laws. I am not saying this is true, but it is what they believe so they follow this practice.

Again, this is a cultural thing that has no real basis in science. You could just as easily burn water or oil and get the same results.

Where should be the kitchen, as per Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra, the Lord of Fire (Agni) predominates in the southeast direction of the home, hence the kitchen should be placed in the southeast direction of your home. If you are unable to do so for any reason, the north-west direction will suffice. You should also ensure that the kitchen is well ventilated. A fan or air conditioner should be installed outside the house towards the south direction.

Vastu recommends that you should not install a dishwasher in your kitchen. The noise it makes can disturb your meditation or yoga practice. Also, it uses a lot of electricity which is not recommended from an environmental point of view.

Cooking devices like ovens and stoves should be placed in the northeast direction of the house. This is because that area is considered to be pure and holy. Agni, the lord of fire, resides there and anything cooked in this direction will be done so with devotion.

It is recommended that you should not place the cooking device right behind the wall. Instead, leave at least one clear space between the stove and the wall. This way, you will avoid any issues with smoke damage to the wall.

You should also make sure that the floor of the kitchen is made of cement or stone. These materials are immune to heat and water.

Is it OK to face south while cooking?

1. Kitchen Direction: According to Vastu Shastra, the best kitchen direction for every family is the south-east. Secondary options are to the south or east. It is also recommended that the chef face east or north when making meals in the kitchen.

2. Electrical Equipment: When cooking with electricity, it is important that you do not block your electrical socket. Instead, place it on a countertop away from furniture so that evil influences cannot enter through it. If you are unable to locate an open outlet, then you should connect one cable of a double plug to the floor and leave another attached to the wall. This will provide enough power for your appliance while still allowing room to add more cables if needed in future.

3. Knives: It is recommended that you always wash your knives after use in order to remove any bad energy that may have been transferred to them. You can wash them in hot water with some soap but make sure to rinse them thoroughly before putting them back into storage.

4. Frying: When frying food it is important to avoid placing anything metal within six inches of the heat source. This includes pots, pans, forks, etc. Otherwise, you risk causing damage to your appliances by electrocuting yourself. If you need to fry something quickly, then it is acceptable to use a metal bowl as long as it is not used for holding anything else harmful to your stove.

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