Can the same Nakshatra marry?

Can the same Nakshatra marry?

There are no complications with the same nakshatra. According to astrology, 19 individuals can marry despite sharing the same star. But it is not a nice way to marry. The results of such marriages will be full of conflicts and problems.

It is better if the couples belong to different nakshatras when they marry. Then there will be less chance of problems arising.

Can the same Nakshatra boy and girl marry?

When a boy and a girl are born in the same nakshatra, it is generally not a good time to marry. However, the marriage can be performed under the following circumstances: If the couple comes from different ends of the pandal (or stage) then they have an opportunity to meet and marry.

If the couple comes from the same end of the pandal then their stars are said to be matching horoscopically and this too is considered a favorable sign.

In other words, if a man is born in Bharani and a woman is born in Ashwin, then it is likely that they will come from different ends of the pandal. This is because people tend to cluster together by birthstar. For example, people who were born in the same house or on the same street usually come from the same end of the pandal.

As for marriages between boys and girls from the same nakshatra, their stars are said to be matching horoscopically. This is considered a very favorable sign. The only difficulty with such marriages is that sometimes several boys or girls are born in the same nakshatra all wanting to get married. In such cases, the parents have to make some effort to select one of the candidates.

Is Ashwini Nakshatra good for marriage?

Ashwini Nakshatra: Male Matrimony Life isn't always fantastic. They genuinely love their family, yet their family members may disregard them owing to their obstinacy. Males with the Ashwini star marry at a typical age (26 to 30), and they may have more male children than female ones. So if you're looking for a husband from this nakshatra, then be prepared for many of them.

Ashwin is the seventh nakshatra in the Indian Vedic astronomy system. It is named after the constellation Ashwinu, which is located in the northern hemisphere between Gemini and Ursa Major. The ruling planet for this nakshatra is Jupiter. People born under its influence are jovial by nature, and are considered lucky by most. However, even among those who are considered lucky, some remain unfulfilled while others achieve great success. Females of this nakshatra are loving but can also be stubborn, and males tend to be independent and unwilling to accept any sort of authority figure.

People born under the sign of Ashwin are known as Ashwinis. They are said to be intelligent and creative, with an eye for beauty. Men are expected to be brave and courageous, while women are believed to be loyal and kind-hearted. As far as marriages go, people born under this sign do well when they find a partner who understands them. Someone who is possessive or critical will not suit them well.

Is it good to marry a Moola Nakshatra guy?

Marriage Compatibility of the Moola Nakshatra There is a misconception or superstition that marrying someone with moola nakshatra may hurt the elderly person who is the foundation of their family, although this is not supported by any evidence. They labor hard and are not easily defeated. These people have an adventurous spirit and enjoy taking risks. They are known for their loyalty and devotion to their loved ones. Both the man and the woman are strong-willed and don't like to be told what they can and cannot do. In other words, these couples tend to argue often but stay together because they understand each other's needs and want the same things out of life.

The Moola Nakshatra is responsible for maintenance and protection. It is associated with the mind, memory, and intelligence. It is believed that if you marry someone with this type of nakshatra, then you will have healthy children who will grow up to be intelligent and successful.

This type of marriage is most common among students and teachers. The Moola Nakshatra person is creative and has an excellent sense of humor. They like to experiment with different foods and drinks and are not likely to suffer from food allergies. Unlike other nakshatras, there are no specific duties assigned to a husband or wife under the Moola Nakshatra system.

Is the same Janma Nakshatra allowed for marriage?

While the bride and groom have the same Janma rasi, it is regarded beneficial if they have separate nakshatras, or if they have the same nakshatras but not the same quarter or "charana" of that nakshatra. For example, if the bride is in Chandra (the moon) and the groom is in Shukra (the planet Venus), their marriages would be very fruitful.

According to some Hindu scholars, it is acceptable for a woman to marry into a family who has the same Janma as she does. This is because women are believed to be stable in their nature, and therefore can handle many husbands with ease. The number of children a woman will bear depends on the strength of her doshas, or humors. If she has more phlegm than ether, for example, she will need to limit herself to two or three children per lifetime. A woman cannot change her janma, but she can try to avoid marrying into families with the same disease patterns as hers.

It is also acceptable for a man to marry into a family whose janma he has, as long as this marriage would not cause problems for him. For example, if he was born with too much fire in his blood, he could marry into a family who was also born with too much fire.

What happens if I marry a Moola Nakshatra female?

The Moola Nakshatra Compatibility in Marriage There is a misconception or superstition that marrying someone with moola nakshatra may hurt the elderly person who is the foundation of their family, although this is not supported by any evidence. They like doing study and investigation. These people have an analytical mind and find satisfaction in finding solutions to problems. Finally, they are trustworthy and loyal to those they love.

In marriage, both parties try to fulfill each other's needs. The Moola Nakshatra male is responsible for providing for his family. He should work so that he can support his wife and children. Also, she should learn how to manage her money well so that they can lead a peaceful life. In short, they need to be self-sufficient in life.

Moola nakshatra people will most likely have a balanced relationship in marriage. However, if there are differences in opinion, it may cause conflicts between the husband and wife. Sometimes, the Moola Nakshatra woman may feel neglected when married to a Moola Nakshatra man. On the other hand, the Moola Nakshatra man may feel suffocated by his wife's excessive demands. Nevertheless, these differences can be resolved through talks between them.

There is no specific requirement for marriage between a Moola Nakshatra couple. It can happen between two adults who understand each other and can meet each other's needs.

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