Can Nadi Dosh lead to death?

Can Nadi Dosh lead to death?

Astrologers consider it an unlucky dosha, and it is claimed that if Nadi dosha is discovered, it might bring financial difficulties for the couple, prevent them from having a child, and even result in the death of a partner. If both spouses have strong ascendants, Nadi dosha will not be a problem. Otherwise, it could lead to all sorts of complications during pregnancy or after childbirth.

The only way to remove this malefic influence is by chanting mantras while gazing at pictures of one's beloved ones. This should be done regularly until the effect of malefic planets wears off.

In case you are already suffering from any illness, it would be better to avoid Nadi dosha. The more serious the disease, the sooner you should try to resolve Nadi doshas. If possible, get cured before it becomes too late.

Does Nadi Dosha really matter?

The establishment of a Nadi Dosha during horoscope matching might cause serious complications in a prospective couple's marriage only if it is reinforced by certain additional malefic faults existing in one or both of the horoscopes. Otherwise, it will not have any significant effect on their marriage.

A Nadi (Venus) in Antardosh (Saturn) brings misery in love life and disputes with friends. If this planet is placed in Makara (Moon) or Kaki (Sun) then relationship would be against fate. There would be quarrels and distance between lovers. They would not be able to understand each other's moods and feelings. On the other hand, if Mars or Rahu are present along with Antardosh, there would be violence and anger in love life. The marriage would be full of misunderstandings and regrets.

If Antardosh is single than it will affect the happiness of marriage. It will cause arguments and fights between husband and wife. Sometimes one or both of them may even lose their lives due to this dosh. This is because Antardosh when single, always represents death. It indicates that someone close to us will die before long. This person can be either husband or wife. However, if Antardosh is joined by Jupiter or Saturn then it loses its dangerous nature and becomes beneficial for married life. These planets give strength and stability to the marriage.

What happens due to Nadi Dosh?

Aadi Nadi Dosh can create disruptions, conflicts, divorce, and child-related issues. Divorce, mishaps, and troubles with children may be caused by Madhya Nadi Dosh. Antya Nadi Dosh might result in divorce, the death of a partner, or troubles with children. There are few caveats to Gun Milaan's system. For example, if you are a woman who has recently lost her husband, you will still experience Nadi Dosh symptoms even though you are no longer married.

In terms of predictions, it is estimated that between 20 and 50 percent of marriages will fail due to Nadi Dosh effects. Although this rate is high, it is not unusual for many reasons. First, not all marriages that suffer from Nadi Dosh will experience problems related to conflict, divorce, or separation. Some couples may have an unusually strong marriage for those involved while others may be severely affected by the dosha.

Second, not everyone who experiences Nadi Dosh symptoms actually has nadis that are blocked. In fact, most people have some form of doshajna - the ability to sense when there is a problem with one of their nadis. However, because these individuals don't know how to balance themselves energetically, they often seek out professional help when something goes wrong.

Finally, because guna is permanent, once a couple decides to get divorced, they are considered separate until they remarry.

Can Nadi Dosha be removed?

Nadi Dosha cancellation When a guy and a female have the same nadi, this is referred to as nadidosha. However, nadi dosha is seen as cancelled in several ways. The nadi dosh is nullified if the boy and girl have the same zodiac sign but are born in separate nakshatras. They will not experience the effects of the dosa together.

The nadi dosh is also cancelled if the boy is born in the rasi (planet) that the girl was born in. For example, if a girl is born in Aries and a guy in Taurus, their nadis are identical and the dosa is canceled. Similarly, if a girl is born in Gemini and a boy in Cancer, their nadis are identical and so is the dosa. Finally, if a girl is born in the rasi that represents her dasha (fate), such as Pisces for kapha, she won't experience the effects of the dosha. For example, if a girl is born under the planet Venus, she won't suffer from venusian dosa.

In addition, if a girl gets married before the age of 18, she will not experience the effects of nadi dosa anymore. The younger she gets married, the better it is for her health. Ideally, you should get married by the time you're 20 years old.

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