Can Mars and Libra fight?

Can Mars and Libra fight?

MARS IN LIBRA FIGHTING STYLE: They avoid, and seldom succeed in, open confrontations, preferring to solve problems by negotiation rather than going to combat. Both planets are peace-loving souls who dislike violence, so fighting between them is extremely rare. When it does happen, it's usually because of some external force such as a rogue planet or the influence of other planets near conflictual degrees.

MARS IN LIBRA FIGHTING WITH EARTH: Because Earth is the center of gravity for the relationship, when arguments arise they tend to focus on Mars vs. Earth rather than Mars vs. Libra. If Mars and Earth are not on friendly terms, there can be serious problems keeping them from coming to blows. In fact, this is why wars have often begun with fights over territory or resources being fought out between Mars and Earth alone. Sometimes these conflicts are resolved peacefully, but more often than not they end in total destruction for either planet involved.

MARS IN LIBRA FIGHTING WITH VENUS: Because Venus is the center of gravity for the relationship, when arguments arise they tend to focus on Libra vs. Venus rather than Mars vs. Libra. If Mars and Venus are not on friendly terms, there can be serious problems keeping them from coming to blows.

Is Mars in Taurus aggressive?

Mars in Taurus individuals are often physically built with enormous physical stamina, and they fight in a defensive, "tough it out" way. They are naturally laid-back, non-aggressive, and even-tempered. However, if pushed enough, Mars in Taurus people will become extremely angry.

As far as behavior is concerned, these individuals are usually not violent unless provoked. When fighting, they usually use their fists because they have a hard time controlling their anger. During combat, they may yell or even break some objects if attacked too much.

However, once the fight is over, they will never seek revenge against their opponents. Rather, they will focus on self-improvement and growing spiritually.

As far as love is concerned, Mars in Taurus people are generally not interested in relationships. If someone tries to get close to them, they will most likely see this as a threat and fight back instinctively. Although they seem unapproachable at first glance, once you get to know them better, they will open up completely.

Mars in Taurus people do not like change of any kind, especially if it comes without their consent. If you try to force them to do something different, they will most likely resist your efforts and could even be violent toward you.

Is Mars in Scorpio powerful?

Mars in Scorpio inevitably delivers a fearsomely accomplished and awesomely powerful combatant. Mars in Scorpio individuals are the most difficult to overcome because they are stealthy, resolute, and, when required, completely merciless. They will not stop fighting until one opponent is defeated. However, Mars in Scorpio people also have great sensitivity and are very aware of those around them. They can be trusted not to attack unless truly provoked.

Scorpios are known for their intense passions that they often hide deep down inside themselves, but when it comes out it can be seen by everyone. Their emotions are strong and sometimes they may seem cold towards others, but once you get to know them better you will realize that they are just as sensitive as anyone else. They just protect themselves from getting too involved with other people's problems.

Scorpios are independent and do not like to be confined to anything. They believe that everyone deserves freedom of thought and action. Because of this, Scorpios are usually on their own a lot because they do not want to be constrained by other people's ideas of friendship.

Mars in Scorpio is an important factor in determining an individual's strength and power. When Mars is in a water sign (Scorpius includes both water signs and earth signs), there is a chance that the person will be exposed to danger.

What does it mean when you have a Libra Mars?

Mars is the planet of action, but in Libra, that urge is suppressed until the issue is rationally assessed. Mars, in a nutshell, is impetuous, flamboyant, and urgent. Mars wishes to be free to act. However, with Mars in Libra, the scales are also in motion, creating a perplexing quandary. There's no clear direction for change. Here, the world seems to be moving at a glacial pace while everything is overturned simultaneously. In other words, nothing is stable.

Libra is the balance between being self-sufficient and relying on others. For Mars, this means balancing autonomy with dependence. When Mars is united with Saturn, as it is in Libra, it has no choice but to accept its fate. There can be no victory or defeat because there is no clear goal to strive for. This is a battle that must be fought over time rather than in one swift action. Here, where Mars meets Saturn, progress is slow and steady. Change comes about through small steps instead of all at once. Here, we know what needs to be done, but we cannot bring ourselves to do it.

When Mars is separated from Saturn, as it is during its own sign period, it feels like the world is holding it back. It wants to go somewhere but cannot find the way. It tries to force matters by acting first and thinking later. This only makes things worse because now there is no rational assessment of reality.

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