Can I marry an Ayilyam Nakshatra girl?

Can I marry an Ayilyam Nakshatra girl?

Certainly not. If marrying a girl born in Ashlesha nakshatra is "hazardous," then all ladies born on one of the days of the month when the Moon transits through Ashlesha are "dangerous." The only way to protect yourself from being hurt by such a woman is to never get involved with her.

The story behind this myth is that many years ago, there was a king who had two daughters. He wanted to find out which star was rising when their mother died, so he ordered two torches to be lit and placed them in their room so they could see which one came up first. The next morning, both girls were dead! So which star was rising? The Sun! This myth comes from here. Apparently, this incident happened during the time of the Mahabharata war.

As you can see, this myth has many versions and interpretations. But its general idea is that a girl born under certain stars is likely to meet with an early death. This myth may have come about because at one time, people believed that the stars influenced everything that happened to us. They also thought that if you know where a person was born, you can guess how they will die.

Today, we don't make these assumptions about stars but rather about planets. It's well known today that our orbits aren't fixed but rather they change over time.

Can the same Nakshatra boy and girl marry?

When a boy and a girl are born in the same nakshatra, it is typically not a favorable time to marry. However, the marriage can be performed under the following circumstances: if the couple comes to an agreement before they reach puberty or if one of them finds another partner. Such marriages are considered legal only if not consummated within three years of being married.

For example, if Chandra boys and girls were to marry, their weddings would have to be held during the dark half of the moon or within three years of their coming of age. If the boys and girls married outside this period, their marriages would be invalid.

The horoscope should be taken into account when planning a wedding for boys from the same nakshatra. The bride's parents would not approve of her marrying a man younger than she is. They might also object to his family paying too much money for the wedding. As well, the bride's father might want him to take another wife so that there will be someone available to help raise the children after he dies. A girl's parents would want to make sure that she is marrying a man with enough money to support a family. Otherwise, she might end up living like a servant while he goes out to work.

Can we marry the same Nakshatra?

Marriage can be done if the boy and girl belong to Rohini, Arudra, Makha, Hasta, Vishakha, Srawanam, Uttarabhadra, and Rewati, and there is a difference in Nakshatra pada (Pada bhedam). However, it is better to find other ways to resolve this conflict.

Can two people married to different persons meet with an accident?

If the husband and wife meet with an accident while they are still living together, it will cause them trouble in their marriage. If you know that your husband or wife is going to get into an accident, please tell their family so that they can take care of them properly.

What kind of bad luck would I bring upon my family if I were to kill someone?

If you kill someone, you would be responsible for his death forever. This would mean that you would always be unlucky afterwards. Some people say that you would be cursed by the man's spirit, who would try to take revenge on you.

Is it true that if someone murders me, I will go to hell?

Yes, without a doubt! The Bible says that "Everyone who commits sin is guilty of death.", and when you murder someone, you have committed a crime against life, which is sacred.

Can I marry Ashwini, a Nakshatra girl?

In general, the marriage of an Ashwini Nakshatra female takes occur at a typical age—not too early or too late. When they marry at a young age, the marriage does not work out. Female married life in Ashwini Nakshatra is typically excellent, and they have more female offspring. When they marry at an older age, they tend to move around a lot and never settle down completely. In fact, most Ashwini women remain single all their lives.

An Ashwini woman can marry into any other shakti. Therefore, if an Ashwini woman likes some other shakti, she can choose him/her instead. However, as we have seen, the marriage between an Ashwini and another shakti does not last long. Sometimes, it even ends in divorce.

As far as male-female relationships are concerned, the only restriction on marrying an Ashwini woman is that you should not be her primary shakti. If you are already her primary shakti, then there is no use in marrying her off to someone else.

Also, it is important to understand that when two people marry each other without knowing about the powers they are marrying into, it can cause many problems for both them and their family later in life.

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