Can I accept a job during Mercury Retrograde?

Can I accept a job during Mercury Retrograde?

Is it safe to start a new job while Mercury is in retrograde? If you started the procedure, performed the interview, accepted and started the job during Mercury retrograde, you should be OK (and again, there may be something different about this job). Otherwise, you could have problems with your colleague's attitude, someone else getting the promotion, etc.

If you are worried about accidents, injuries, or other problems related to the new job, stop what you are doing and wait until Mercury goes direct. The same thing applies if you are concerned about issues at your current job; wait until Mercury moves on before making any changes.

Mercury going retrograde is one of those rare moments when you should say "yes" to more work. If you are hired for a project that has many components, some of which you can finish quickly and some of which will take longer, this is a good time to ask for more money. Sometimes these projects run into trouble after they have been given the go-ahead, so including a bonus feature in your contract might not be such a bad idea.

Finally, remember that these are all signs that your dreams are coming true. If you get a new job or earn extra cash, enjoy it! It means that you're doing something right.

Is it OK to have a job interview during Mercury retrograde?

When Mercury is in retrograde, there is no harm in going on a job interview. When Mercury is in retrograde, information is likely to be withheld. As a result, I would not accept a job offer while Mercury is retrograde; instead, I would request more time to examine the employment offer. If you are already working, there is no need to panic if you are asked to go for a job interview during this period.

Mercury goes through different positions in the sky each day, so its current position cannot be used as an indication of what will happen tomorrow or the next day. Instead, look at recent patterns - if Mercury has been moving slowly across your chart for several days in a row, there's a good chance that a new development is looming. If so, make a note of it now before it's too late.

In terms of being hired for a job, if Mercury is in retrograde when you apply for a position then don't worry about it - the employer may just want to see how you deal with stressful situations. If, however, you get rejected from several jobs and then find out that Mercury is in retrograde when they call you back for interviews, then try not to take it personally. The universe is trying to tell you something!

Finally, remember that everything happening in your life right now is part of a larger pattern that extends far beyond your own personal experience.

Should you get a haircut during Mercury retrograde?

1. Do not obtain a new hairstyle. Mercury retrograde is not the best time to start anything new, including new haircuts. Wait until retrograde has passed before committing to a new appearance, or you may need to return to the salon for extensive hair restoration.

2. If you have been wanting to change your look, now is the time to do it. The mercury is moving forward, so you can go ahead and get a new hair color or cut without worrying about its effects during retrograde.

3. If you feel like your current style isn't right for you anymore, now is the time to go ahead and change it up. The mercury is moving forward, which means you can try out new styles and trends. You could also just take advantage of the fact that your hair is no longer damaged from previous cuts and colors and grow out your hair if you've wanted to for a while now.

Is it bad to buy a car during the Mercury retrograde?

In astrology, the planet Mercury governs communication, analytical thinking, idea expression, and information processing. In summary, it's fine to buy a car during Mercury Retrograde, but make sure you read the deal before signing. There are some tricky aspects involving other planets which may complicate matters.

Here's how the planets affect buying a car: Jupiter is the ruler of luck; when it's in good shape, things go well for you. However, if it's in an unhealthy position, you can run into problems due to excessive optimism or good fortune. Saturn is the lord of patience and money; when it's healthy, you have enough both patience and money. However, if it's in an unhealthy position then you cannot afford what you want and need. Uranus is the ruler of innovation; this planet makes things happen quickly so if you're looking to purchase a new car, make sure you know what's available now because it might not be around next year. Neptune is the ruler of dreams and fantasy; people with this planet in their chart tend to feel deeply about products and services, whether they're useful or not. This planet affects creativity so if you buy a car during its retrograde phase, you might find yourself dreaming about something else instead.

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