Can Ganesha face south?

Can Ganesha face south?

The Ganesha statue should always be placed towards the east or west direction of the residence, while the north-east direction might also be considered. Last but not least, never position Ganesha towards the south direction as it is considered unlucky.

Ganesha's head should be facing east or west. If it is facing north or south, then that is wrong. You should always have faith in your ability to overcome any obstacle that comes your way, and believe that things will work out for you.

How do you place Ganesh at home?

The Ganesha statue should be placed in the house's east or west orientations. The northeast corner of your home is the greatest place to place your Ganesha statue. If the northeast is unavailable, position an idol so that you may pray facing north or east. You can also put the statue in the south or west corners of your house, but then you will have to rotate it each time you pray.

You should install a Ganesha image in the eastern part of your house because that is where most homes in India have their main entrance, and is therefore considered important. Entering a house through the east door is said to bring good luck for those who live there. Images of other Hindu gods can be placed in the western parts of the house if they are not occupied by statues of them; these areas are used for storage. Images of female deities such as Durga or Kali can be placed in the southern part of the house if they are not being worshipped currently. This area is called the "woman's chamber" and is considered sacred space for her use.

Householders in India often build small shrines for various saints and deities in their homes. These are known as "puja rooms". You should include a puja room in your home, especially if you follow the Hindu religion.

Which side should Lord Ganesha face?

Vastu experts will advise you on the best direction to install Ganpati. Vastu experts recommend that Ganesha be placed in the west, north, and northeast directions. Make an effort to have the idol face north, as this is where Lord Shiva lives and is regarded highly fortunate.

Ganeshas are traditionally installed with their head facing east because that is where the sun rises. But since the vast majority of idols are now installed inside homes, facing the interior of the house is recommended instead. If you plan to install Ganesha within five years, it is important to remember that he must always be kept away from sources of heat and water because these elements are associated with change and destruction if not used properly. Otherwise, there is no problem installing him in any direction.

Ganeshas are usually installed with many jewels attached to them. The more jewels you attach, the more prosperous you will be. So make sure you use only authentic gems when attaching diamonds, emeralds, and other precious stones to your new Ganeshas.

Do not forget to cleanse your home after installation. Use a panful of hot water and some white vinegar to cleanse it. It is important to wash the entire house, including the front door and windows, before calling on Lord Ganesha for blessings. This will remove all negative energy from the premises.

Can we keep the Ganesh idol facing south?

Bappa's idol should be seated in the North East, North, or East direction of the home or business, never in the South, South West, or South-East. Placement - Position the Idol such that Lord Ganesha's back faces the exterior of the house. If you have an open area behind the wall where you can place it, do so. Else place it before a picture or sculpture of God.

The original question here is whether we should keep the Ganesh idol facing south or not.

According to Hindu mythology, Ganesha was sitting on his father's shoulder when he learned how to write script. So he is considered as the first writer of texts in India. He is also said to have written the Mahabharata during a period of time when he was serving as king Shantanu's bodyguard.

Ganesh is the son of Shiva and Parvati. When Parvati wanted to see her husband, she went to visit Shiva's holy city of Prayag (now known as Allahabad). While there, she gave birth to Ganesha. After some time, she realized that her son needed to be fed so she returned to Shiva. However, he had already left for home!

When she reached home, she found her husband lying next to another woman who was about to give birth to their child.

Where should we place Lord Ganesha in the office?

So, here are some helpful hints from Vastu experts Reecha Sharma and Chetan Sharma for locating your Ganapati murti! Additionally, it is important that you place his idol so that there is a clear view of it from where you work or live.

Lord Ganesha should be placed on an elevated platform or sitting position, so that he can watch over his family properly. He should not be placed on the floor or against a wall, as this could be seen as disrespectful.

It is recommended that you dress the image up in some clothes specific to your status. For example, if you are a priest then it would be appropriate to wear some form of religious attire when you place your image forth. This way, you are showing respect to what role you are playing at the time.

Finally, remember to pray to Bappa before you start any work on your house or office. If you feel guided to do so, you could also write a mantra and recite it while acting out the various roles required to complete building projects.

This will help you find the best location for your Ganapati murti and ensure that it is viewed positively by both gods and humans.

Can we gift the Ganesha idol?

Do you want to know the regulations before purchasing and presenting an idol? Let's have a peek down below. Select the Ganesha idol with his trunk to the left: - paraphrasing formalized Always purchase the idol with the trunk to the left. These creative idols may be given as gifts or utilized as home d├ęcor. They make excellent door decorations.

Is it okay to gift-wrap the statue?

Yes, the statue is fine to be wrapped up in beautiful paper and boxes. However, avoid using plastic because these materials are not good for the idol.

What if I don't like the face of the Ganesha idol?

You can replace the head of the Ganesha idol for another image if you wish. There are several images available in the market today that fit well with this purpose. For example, you can use an image of Shiva or Brahma instead.

Can I burn incense while praying to the Ganesha idol?

Yes, you can burn joss sticks or incense during your prayers. It is a common practice in India when people want something to happen quickly.

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