Are YODS common in astrology?

Are YODS common in astrology?

Yod is activated by progressions and transits. When an advanced planet or a transiting Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, or Jupiter conjoins a yod's activation point, the energy of the yod is activated. Individuals might react in a variety of ways, but the most prevalent are feelings of loss, despair, sadness, and hopelessness. Activated yods can also bring about changes through other people; for example, a yod that joins one on the cusp of making a major decision might cause someone to lose their job or get out of a relationship.

Yods are important factors in determining destiny. A person's name itself is a yod: it is made up of two parts, I-o-d, which means "no death." Thus, when Venus, Mars, Mercury, or the Sun enters each sign based on its zodiacal position, it is indicating that this person will not die young. If a yod is removed from its activating degree (the place where it was activated), then it becomes inactivated. For example, if you were born under the sign Taurus with a yod placed in Gemini, then you would have inactivated faith, hope, and love (the three things added to humanity by Yod). If another yod-holder was to join your natal chart at a time when this new yod was active, then they would be able to activate these three traits in you.

A person's day of birth contains a yod too.

What does a Yod in your chart mean?

Having a Yod in your natal chart indicates that you feel motivated to do certain tasks in this life. Everything in your life appears to be geared toward the same aim. There's a fire inside of you that wants you to succeed. And this something may be deduced from the "fulcrum" planet as well as the general Yod and chart. For example, if Yod is placed in the area of work, marriage or any other form of involvement with others, then it can be inferred that you are gifted with the ability to attract women/men.

Also, if Yod is located in the area of health, then it can be assumed that you have access to opportunities to improve yourself physically. In fact, this piece of information should not surprise you since disease has nothing to do with personality. It's true that some people are more susceptible to illnesses than others, but this is only because of physical reasons. For example, someone who lives in an extremely polluted environment will probably suffer from various ailments including respiratory problems and cancer. This person could have weak immune systems for other reasons (such as having an addictive personality or being unhappy), but environmental factors cannot be ignored either.

As for myself, I was born with Yod in my chart. This means that I am often found doing things that motivate other people. Sometimes I feel like my own personal "hero" since I always seem to come out on top in most situations.

What is a boomerang Yod?

Boomerang Yod AstrologyAstrology of the Boomerang Yod. A boomerang yod, also known as a concentrated yod, occurs when there is a planet or point opposite the apex planet. Yod astrology is more complicated. Mercury and Venus form the reaction point in my chart, opposing Saturn, the apex planet. This creates a boomerang pattern where each planet returns to its original position after two orbits around Earth.

Boomerang yods are common when there is an exact conjunction between planets that share an axis with the earth. These include mercury and venus, which coincide on August 28th at 12:38pm GMT, and saturn and jupiter, which converse on September 23rd at 2:42am GMT. The term "boomerang yod" comes from the shape that these pairs of planets' orbits take as they repeat their cycles. If you look at the diagram below, you can see that mercury (in red) goes back to the same place it started, while Venus (in blue) returns to within a few degrees of its starting position. Saturn, however, travels almost half way around the sky before returning home, while Jupiter requires 9 months to complete one orbit.

Boomerang yods often indicate change and instability, especially in relationships. If you have one of these patterns in your chart, you're in for some rocky times ahead!

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