Are there really 13 zodiac signs?

Are there really 13 zodiac signs?

Following the discovery of a new constellation by NASA, a NASA blog article indicated that there are now 13 Zodiac signs, rather than 12—thus throwing the entire astrological chart out of whack. Ophiuchus is the 13th Zodiac sign, and it is the star sign for persons born between November 29 and December 17. Before this discovery, astronomers only knew of 12 constellations. The missing constellation was named Ophiuchus after one of the main characters in the story "Ophiuchus".

The fact that there are now 13 constellations has no real effect on everyday life. Astronomers have been using a map of the sky which includes all these constellations since the 1600s. The Zodiac, which used to be based on the constellations, has also never actually been tied to any real-life events. It's just an idea from ancient Greece that has been attached to different dates throughout history.

People who were alive during the original creation of the Zodiac might recall that its creator assigned each sign to a different deity. Since then, many more deities have been discovered, so instead of assigning each sign to a single person or group, modern-day astronomers assign them to stars, planets, objects within our own solar system, and even black holes.

For example, Sagittarius is assigned to the Milky Way Galaxy and Scorpius is assigned to a black hole called Sagittarius A*.

What’s the 13th zodiac sign?

It all began with a resurrected narrative. NASA has "found" a 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, also known as the serpent-bearer. Anyone born between November 29 and December 17 would be an Ophiuchus, neither a Scorpio or a Sagittarius. Instead, they are said to be "serpent-bearers," because this constellation is represented by a snake wrapped around a skull.

Ophiuchus was originally described by astronomer Ptolemy in the second century A.D. As you might expect from such an obscure figure, there are few details about him available today. What we do know is that he was given two stars in the Ophiuchus constellation: Serpens (the Serpent) and Caput Ophiuchi (the Head of Ophiuchus). It's even possible that another star was included at some point, but this possibility has not been confirmed by other astronomers. In any case, it's likely that only these two stars were recognized by early astrologers who may have used them as pointers toward a person's character. They could be seen as descriptors of someone's mind if you interpret the stars as snakes and the head as a skull!

In modern times, Ophiuchus has been associated with several figures. The most famous may be Sigmund Freud, who was born on November 23rd, 1856.

Why was the 13th zodiac sign removed?

Ophiuchus is one of the zodiac's 13 principal constellations, according to the ancient Babylonians. It was left out of the zodiac by the Babylonians because they maintained a 12-month calendar and allocated the other 12 constellations, or zodiac signs, to separate months. NASA announced on Tumblr that Ophiuchus did not make the cut. The space agency wrote that while it is true that Ophiuchus exists, it is too small and lacks any significant features for its constellation status to be recognized today.

The ancient Greeks also ignored Ophiuchus in favor of including Aries the Ram in early March and leaving out Libra the Scales in late September. However, the Babylonians included Ophiuchus in their night sky about two weeks earlier than the Greeks did. So perhaps this shows that both cultures were aware of Ophiuchus but chose not to include it in their zodiacs because of its size or lack thereof.

In modern times, some people have argued that since Ophiuchus is so small a constellation, then it should be merged with another constellation. One suggestion is to combine it with Scorpius which is actually quite large a constellation. But others think this goes against the idea of having a perfect circle where all the stars are equal, which makes sense since neither constellation is big enough to have 12 stars like the others do.

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