Are Shani and Shukra friends?

Are Shani and Shukra friends?

Although Saturn and Venus are astrologically excellent friends, Venus dislikes being conjunct with Saturn. It's like an elderly ill guy coming to see his wonderful companion Venus. What happens if our dearest buddy, who is ill, comes to visit us? We, too, become ill. Saturn imbues Venus with all of his life characteristics. When this conjunction occurs in a love relationship, it can be very difficult to stay healthy mentally and physically.

The connection between Venus and Shani (Saturn) is quite strong, while that between Venus and Shukra (Venus' fellow planet) is rather weak. This tells us that the influence of Shani on love relationships is going to be more physical than spiritual. He would probably make people feel sluggish and heavy-headed during this period. However, Shukra would only affect love affairs by influencing minds - he would make them logical and reasonable.

Shani and Shukra have a mutual connection. If you look up "Shani-Vishu" in any dictionary, you will find that they are both mentioned together. This means that when Shani is conjunct with Shukra, then also Shukra is conjunct with Shani. In other words, when Shani is rising, so also does Shukra; and when Shani is setting, so also does Shukra. The only difference is that whereas Shani is cold and distant, Shukra is affectionate and kind.

What happens if Shukra is in the 7th house?

Marriage will be postponed as a result. With Venus in the 7th house, the native may have more than one relationship, and his or her marriage life may suffer as well. The impacts of a weak or impaired Venus might cause disruptions in married life and relationship troubles. A serious illness may also affect the marriage.

– Source: "Venus in Seventh House: Effects on Marriage, Relations with In-laws," by Robert Miller, Ph. D., from his book "The Astrological Calendar"

Are you having problems in your marriage? If so, it's not too late to do something about it. The first thing you should do is sit down and talk with your spouse about what's going on in your relationship. You don't have to worry about who's fault it is, just discuss each of your concerns/issues with your spouse honestly and openly. Only then can you come up with some effective solutions to your problem.

If you're still stuck in the argumentative stage of your discussion, try using logic rather than emotions when arguing your case. For example, if your wife says she doesn't want children, but every time you bring up the subject of family planning she gets upset, use logical arguments to prove to her that having children is important for your marriage.

What happens if Shani is strong?

The native is elevated to the position of ruler over vast riches and property. He is a supporter of the rule of law. Strong Saturn in the 4th house: A Saturn in this place is unlucky, but if Saturn is strong, property or mining-related job will be prosperous. Those who are judges or decision-makers will benefit much from the 4th Saturn.

If Shani is weak, then people will suffer because there will be no discipline nor order. There will be violence because some people will try to get advantage by taking what does not belong to them. This situation will continue until someone stronger than Shani comes along and restores peace and justice. Then Shani becomes powerless and no longer has any influence over life.

What happens if Shani is medium strength?

The native is middle-ranked between success and failure. He may have some advantages, but also some problems that could hold him back from real advancement. If Shani is medium, then one can expect that you will do well if you are born when he is rising; however, if he is descending, then it will be difficult for you to find good jobs. In general, if Shani is weak or strong, one can say that your fortune is determined by the phase of his movement.

What happens if Shani is invisible?

In this case, the native will experience difficulties in all kinds of activities because there is no planet in his chart who could provide him with luck.

What is the effect of Shani in Lagna?

The native may have a proclivity to flee or an aversion to responsibilities. Shani in the lagna also produces problems in the progeny. According to Vedic astrology, Saturn in the first house causes one to be ardent and envious of others' prosperity and money. The Native destroys his foes with his influence and morality. However, he is often accused of being cold-hearted and uncaring when actually he is just following his instincts.

Saturn in the second house indicates that the person has the talent and courage to face any situation even if it is scary. However, this doesn't always mean that he will use these qualities for good. Sometimes, he may even throw them away for the sake of pleasure.

Saturn in the third house shows that the person is very practical and down-to-earth. He is not likely to worry about things that are out of his control. Instead, he will focus on what he can affect positively.

Saturn in the fourth house indicates that the person is extremely loyal and trustworthy. Others would feel safe under his care. He would never betray someone's confidence.

Saturn in the fifth house shows that the person is creative and innovative. He is capable of establishing new connections and resources. Perhaps, he could even start his own business!

Saturn in the sixth house indicates that the person is diplomatic and reasonable.

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