Are Shani and Guru friends?

Are Shani and Guru friends?

Jupiter is the largest of the planets. That is why it is referred to as a "guru" in Sanskrit. Saturn has a limited planetary location. Jupiter and Saturn are good friends, but that doesn't mean they agree on everything. The two planets have a neutral relationship, which means they are neither friends nor enemies. They just exist together.

Shani is the Hindu god of death. His name comes from the Sanskrit word for "cease", "stop", or "conclude". So, Shani means "the planet that concludes/stops something". In other words, he is the final judge at some point in time. His role is very important since he determines when someone will die. So, it is reasonable that someone who is aware of this fact would try to stay alive as long as possible so they can see how many years they have left.

Guru is the Hindu term for "planet". So, combining these two terms we get "planet that is a guru". This means that Jupiter is a guru in some sense. It tells us about his importance in the solar system. But it also reveals that he has limitations since he is not able to save everyone even if he wanted to.

Now, if you read between the lines here it seems like maybe Jupiter has a hand in helping people by giving them hope. Maybe he helps those who he knows will live longer than their natural lifespan.

Are Shani and Shukra friends?

Although Saturn and Venus are astrologically excellent friends, Venus dislikes being conjunct with Saturn. It's like an elderly ill guy coming to see his wonderful companion Venus. What happens if our dearest buddy, who is ill, comes to visit us? We, too, become ill. The same thing will happen to Venus if it joins forces with Saturn.

However, as lovers they're perfect for each other. They have much in common: both are amorous, both are lustful, both are unreliable. But as friends they can help each other out. If you need money, Shani can lend you some; if you need advice, Shukra can give it to you.

Also, they are both planets of beginnings so they are always welcome to enter a new relationship or project. New love interests, jobs, projects - anything can be begun by these two friends.

Shani-shukra friendship will never be able to combine their energies because one is a malefic and the other is a benign planet. However, they will always provide support to each other when needed most.

Are Shani and Rahu friends?

However, it is mental effort. Saturn and Rahu both value hard labor. Saturn is the planet of repercussions. He admires Rahu because of the individuals that work for him. However, he also mocks him because only the strong survive under his rule. Thus, they are not friends but business partners who happen to be rivals.

Rahu and Shani are two planets that orbit around the same star but at different rates. These two planets were often described as the "sleepy" and "mischief-making" stars, respectively. In fact, Rahu is considered dangerous because he leads people toward sins and addiction, while Shani is thought to be peaceful because he forces people to sleep away their lives. This description however, is somewhat inaccurate because both planets can lead people toward bad habits but only one of them does so regularly.

It is important to understand that Rahu and Shani are not real planets but constellations found in the Indian sky. Although they have similar descriptions among astrologers, each one has different powers and influences on humans. For example, Rahu is considered a dangerous planet because of its ability to lead people toward evil deeds and addiction, whereas Shani is considered peaceful because of his role in making people fall asleep forever.

Who is the most powerful? Shani or Rahu?

If a person is in the Rahu Mahadasha, Rahu will have a greater influence on him than Saturn. However, no one is more powerful than Lord Shani, man to man (or planet to planet). In Kaliyuga, he is the BOSS. No one can defeat him. He is the only God who can kill God.

However, it is only when the Moon is in the sign of Rahu that it can affect someone as far as evil powers are concerned. If the Moon is in a friendly sign, then its influence is good too. For example, if the Moon is in a friendly sign like Aries, then someone born under this sign would be considered innocent until proven otherwise.

In general, the Moon is responsible for all kinds of emotions, whether they are pleasant or unpleasant. So if you feel like something bad is going to happen to you, it probably will. The fact is, nothing good ever comes from the Moon. It provides energy for the tides and the oceanic currents but that's about it.

The most important thing for you to remember is that the Moon never harms anyone directly. It only affects people indirectly through its impact on water, which is why floods and storms always follow a full moon.

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