Are Leos attracted to Libras?

Are Leos attracted to Libras?

Leos are passionate lovers and friends. They are drawn to Libra because of her great mind and love of art. Both signs enjoy unusual things and are likely to be drawn to unusual TV shows, art, and publications. Leo is blunt in his honesty, whilst Libra weighs her words carefully. This can be a problem for Leos who may think they have told Libra something that hurts her feelings without knowing how she will react to it.

Libra is an emotional sign. She is sensitive and tends to hold many relationships close to her heart. This can lead to her falling in love quickly and deeply, but also making herself vulnerable by becoming attached to people who leave or hurt her. Although Libra is romantic at heart, she requires security in relationships to feel comfortable revealing her true self. Her ability to read other people's minds and know exactly what they want before they say anything makes her a great friend as well as a lover.

Leo is the natural leader. He enjoys being the centre of attention and showing others how to live their lives. He is honest and doesn't suffer fools gladly, so won't fit in with Libran culture easily. However, this isn't to say Leos can't make friends with Libra's. Their shared passion for art and music means there is plenty to talk about, and although Leo is honest, he is not unkind. When it comes to romance, Leos are faithful to one woman forever.

What do Leos think of Libras?

Leos enjoy being admired, therefore they will want to spend a lot of time in the bedroom. Libras would feel the same way, since they are one of the most sensuous signs, yearning for closeness. Both of these signs have made a concerted effort to look their best. They will want to make sure you are feeling as attractive as possible when you go out with them.

Libras are known for being romantic and loyal. They are usually drawn to other sensitive signs such as Scorpios and Libra's. Their ability to understand others makes them good partners. However, because they are so understanding, they can also be taken for granted. It's not easy being a Libran!

Libra is the scale that balances justice with mercy. This sign is famous for being courteous and diplomatic. They like to keep agreements and will likely not fight with anyone. This means that Librans will want to avoid conflict at all costs. If things do get heated, then there is no telling what they might do. They may even threaten violence if someone bothers them enough. Yet, despite this aggressive nature, Librans are still very loving and kind at heart.

In terms of sexuality, Libras are highly sought after by other sensitive signs. They often enjoy being adored and wanted. However, because they are so understanding, Librans can sometimes be taken for granted.

Is there a relationship between a Leo and a Libra?

Leo's need to be wanted, loved, and appreciated will be satisfied by Libra. These two star-sign lovers seek a high-powered, sophisticated social life, but they also want to be dedicated to the proper lover. Leo and Libra are highly compatible signs, and a long-term relationship will almost probably result in marriage. However, Leos are known for their erratic behavior and Libras are known for being cold, so this relationship is likely to be short-lived.

Libra is the scale-bearer of balance. Relationships between Libra and other sign types are usually peaceful, but sometimes Librans can be difficult to understand. They like equality in relationships and enjoy working with others rather than only focusing on themselves. Their soft hearts make them vulnerable to emotional pain and rejection. Librans are known to be faithful to their partners, but that doesn't mean that they don't look elsewhere if the situation calls for it.

Leo is the ruler of the heart. These passionate souls are always looking for love. If you're a Leo woman, stay away from Librans. They will hold you back from getting what you want out of life. Yours will not be a typical romance because you both have too much energy to sit around and wait for someone to come save you. You should also avoid being friends with Leos because when you have them as a friend, they will use you as an armature for their problems and needs.

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