Are birth charts accurate?

Are birth charts accurate?

It's remarkable to get reports that are more than 90% accurate. Assuming the computations are right, whether the astrological birth charts are valid or not is irrelevant. The accuracy of birth chart interpretation is determined by the astrophysicist who interprets it. They can be wrong too! But they're usually not. If they were, there would be no point in having a chart.

The best estimate of an individual's characteristics, such as physical appearance or personality traits, comes from combining information from several different sources. For example, when you look in the mirror, what do you see? Your image is a combination of information about your face, body type, and coloration collected from various places inside your body and from outside sources. Similarly, your birth chart combines information about your traits and characteristics gathered from several sources throughout the universe to create a complete picture of you.

The accuracy of birth charts depends on how much information you can find about yourself. Obviously, if you don't have any details about your life so far, then you cannot make a birth chart. But even if you know everything about someone, their birth chart will still be correct more than half the time. That's because each person is unique and nothing prevents different people with similar traits and experiences from having different combinations of planets in the same signs of the zodiac signifying that they are exactly alike.

Are birth charts true?

The scientific community usually regards astrology as a pseudoscience. The few statistical evidence available does not support a link between natal birth charts and real-world outcomes. However, many people believe that their star sign is reflected in their birth chart, which contains information about the planets at the time of their birth.

In fact, research has shown that there is a relationship between the constellations in which planets are located when you're born and your chances of being diagnosed with different diseases later in life. For example: babies born with Saturn in Capricorn or Uranus in Sagittarius have increased rates of depression and anxiety, while those born with Jupiter in Scorpio or Pluto in Capricorn have higher than average rates of addiction.

However, this doesn't mean that your star sign influences whether you will develop health problems or not; instead, it's more likely that other factors are involved. For example, someone who was born with Saturn in Capricorn may experience increased rates of depression and anxiety due to genetic factors or early experiences (for example, if one or both of their parents suffers from these disorders). On the other hand, someone whose birth chart features Saturn in Capricorn might also develop an addiction because they were raised in an environment where this behavior was accepted.

Is my birth time accurate?

Birth certificates are often obtained from someone reading a wall clock, therefore the reported time is only as precise as the clock used. If it was preserved properly, it should be exact to the amount reported. For example, my birth certificate is precise to the closest quarter hour. You might want to check the time. The clock could have been wrong by even a few minutes.

If the clock was not working correctly, or if it was broken, your certificate will also include a note about the time being estimated rather than recorded exactly. Such estimates are not very useful for determining birth times with any degree of precision, but they do provide some insight into how closely grouped birth events were within an hour of each other.

For example, my sister and I were both born at 6:00am. The nurse on duty could not remember whether she had checked the clock before she started writing down our births, but we both came out crying so we must have been born within a minute of each other. Our certificates say "Estimated Time 6:00 A.M." which means that they did not record the actual time of my birth but only approximated it. This estimate would later help doctors figure out how much oxygen I needed when I was admitted to the hospital after my mother lost track of me for several hours during her labor with my sister.

Is the birth time on the birth certificate accurate?

Neither of the birth times may be considered exact. Not only are the clocks themselves faulty, but most doctors do not even keep a time record. The best evidence of when a person was born is usually the death certificate that is issued at the time of death eligibility and often includes both birth dates.

In general, people who were alive more than 90 days after either date recorded on their birth certificate were likely born within those months. If you know the day you were born on, then you can calculate the approximate month by counting back three months plus 20% of your age for accuracy. So if you were born in October, then you would count back 3 months + 20% or about 11 months. If you weren't sure what day you were born on, then you could guess close to the right month by counting back from an assumed first day of January (which is consistent with the calculation above).

For example, if a person was born in April and one birth date is March 2nd, then they were probably born in March because the other date is over 90 days after their birth. However, if the second date is February 5th, then they were probably born in February because the other date is over 90 days after their birth.

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